Bitcoin & Ether exchange

ThroughBit is a Blockchain start-up. ThroughBit’s first offering, an exchange, allows users to Buy and Sell Bitcoin and Ether. INRFalcon, a smart contract on Ethereum, is a cryptocurrency pegged to the Indian Rupee. 1 INRFalcon is always equal to 1 INR.
INRFalcon facilitates 24X7 trade. Cryptocurrencies are global and 24X7. Restrictions in banking hours create opportunity losses for traders. INRFalcon, thanks to its fixed price and speed, facilitates trades even during the non-banking hours.
ThroughBit believes in ‘Blockchain for everyone’. In this wake, the ‘minimum buy amount’ has been done away with. ThroughBit now lets users buy Bitcoin and Ether for as low as 1 INR.
ThroughBit was founded by a group of Blockchain evangelists who believe that there is a need for an improved Blockchain ecosystem. With customer experience as the goal in mind, ThroughBit boasts a very simple interface, low prices and content delivery that is universally understood.

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